online published writing

The Shoppers (Piker Press) [2019]

The Vacuumer (Farther Stars Than These) [2019]

The Art Curator (Winamop) [2019]

The Office Administrator (Why Vandalism?) [2019]

The Cashier (Winamop) [2019]

Fern (Why Vandalism?) [2019]

The Beekeeper (Short Humour) [2019]

The Toll Booth Cashier (Winamop) [2018]

The Political Pundit (Clockwise Cat) [2017]

The Puppeteer (Mad Swirl) [2017]

The School Nurse; The Farmer (Unlikely Stories) [2017]

The Ornithologist (Winamop) [2017]

The Telemarketer (Short Humour) [2017]

The Village of Belonging (Winamop) [2017]

The Supermarket Clerk (three minute plastic) [2017]

The Dreamer (Farther Stars Than These) [2017]

Lemonade (Winamop) [2017]

The Eggplant (Sensors C. Diff) [2015]

The Neighbors and the Vole (Short Humour) [2015]

From the Eye (Winamop) [2015]

Something in the Water (Linguistic Erosion) [2014]

Mr. Enzyme (Linguistic Erosion) [2014]

The Plastic Suitcase (Farther Stars Than These) [2014]

Celeste (Yesteryear Fiction) [2014]

Office with an Ocean View (Smashed Cat) [2014]

Toes (Linguistic Erosion) [2014]

Cosmic Sunflower Girl Fights Back (Hobo Pancakes) [2014]

Tooth Art (Smashed Cat) [2014]

Tennis and Lemurs (Short Humour) [2014]

The Corporate Family (ppigpenn) [2014]

Shadow Traffic (Weirdyear) [2013]

Detour (Weirdyear) [2013]

Weekend (The Mustache Factor) [2013]

My Digital Reality (Hobo Pancakes) [2013]

Keys (Short Humour) [2013]

Pools (Winamop) [2013]

Sprinklers (Mad Swirl) [2013]

My Neighbor Betty (Defenestration) [2013]

The Weathermen (Postcard Shorts) [2013]

Egg (Winamop) [2013]

Carpet (In Between Altered States) [2013]

In Defense of Bowling (Asinine Poetry) [2013]

A Late Dinner (Weirdyear) [2013]

Soul Bowl (Daily Love) [2012]

Monopoly (Postcard Shorts) [2012]

The Elevator (Linguistic Erosion) [2012]

Mel and Alma (Linguistic Erosion) [2012]

Lima Beans (Linguistic Erosion) [2012]

Sudoku (Postcard Shorts) [2012]

Blue Glow #7 (Nailpolish Stories - Best of 2012 - Nov.)

The Sunshine Ghosts (The Odd) [2012]

Hoover Dam (Daily Love) [2012]

Quack (Linguistic Erosion) [2012]

The Balloon Fiend (Mudjob) [2012]

The Plumfish; Channel 3 (Short, Fast, and Deadly) [2012]

11 a.m. at the Library (Linguistic Erosion) [2012]

Church of the Purple Mango Oma (Hobo Pancakes) [2012]

The Gardener (The Mustache Factor) [2012]

Butterflies (Linguistic Erosion) [2012]

Vera (Pure Francis) [2012]

The Laundromat (Smashed Cat) [2012]

The Animals (Linguistic Erosion) [2012]

Tweed (In Between Altered States) [2012]

Subway (Weirdyear) [2012]

Crushed Ice (Smashed Cat) [2012]

The Interview (This Zine Will Change Your Life) [2012]

Motor Oil (Short Humour) [2011]

Shoes (Defenestration) [2011]

Lawn Chairs (Linguistic Erosion) [2011]

Pool Table (Linguistic Erosion) [2011]

Mannequins (The Mustache Factor) [2011]

Filth Inc. (Hobo Pancakes) [2011]

Jackpot (three minute plastic) [2011]

Couples and Bees (The Mustache Factor) [2011]

Rabbit Security (Clockwise Cat) [2011]

Billboard (Pink-Eye Punchade) [2011]

Back Yard; Drapery (Short, Fast, and Deadly) [2011]

Our Vacation at the Beach (Untoward Magazine) [2011]

Gordon's Identity Crisis (In Between Altered States) [2011]

Puddle (The Literary Burlesque) [2011]

The 11th Hole (Short Humour) [2011]

Green Street (Short Humour) [2011]

Born Free (Poor Mojo's Almanac(k)) [2011]

Stuffed Animals (Seahorse Rodeo Folk Review) [2010]

Hairdryers of Obedience (Seahorse Rodeo Folk Review) [2010]

The Joy of Gray (Unlikely Stories) [2010]

The Eel (Sillymess) [2010]

The Soul of Perry (Clockwise Cat) [2010]

Liberated Fruit (Ink Sweat & Tears) [2010]

Antique Heroin (Poor Mojo's Almanac(k)) [2010]

Morris at the Airport (Raging Face) [2009]

Myra (SoMa Literary Review) [2009]

Pomegranate Balloons (Full of Crow: Microw) [2009]

Linen Garden (This Zine Will Change Your Life) [2009]

Wheelie (Defenestration) [2009]

Mrs. S (Poor Mojo's Almanac(k)) [2009]

Mr. Pecan (The Abacot Journal) [2009]

Eyevee (The Beat) [2009]

Reginald (Ink Sweat & Tears) [2009]

Levels of Teeth (Long Story Short) [2008]

Merle's Orchards (Clockwise Cat) [2008]

Arnie Hippie (Lit Up) [2008]

In Stitches (Why Vandalism?) [2008]

Mr. Papaya and Dale (The Cerebral Catalyst) [2008]

The President and the Pear (Defenestration) [2008]

Pineapple Noir (Monkeybicycle) [2008]